Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Welcome to the website of Shinhan Life Vietnam Insurance Company Limited (Shinhan Life Vietnam). Please read the Terms of Use carefully before continuing to access the website. By continuing to access the website and its pages, you agree to these Terms of Use and any amendments and supplements (if any).

Intellectual property rights

Trademarks, trade names and logos displayed on the website are owned by Shinhan Life Vietnam and Shinhan Life Insurance Corporation. Use of trademarks, trade names and logos is not permitted without our written consent.

The information and other materials on the website are legally owned/used by Shinhan Life Vietnam. You may use the information and other materials of this website for personal, non-commercial purposes. Shinhan Life Vietnam encourages this use along with quoting the source as well as keeping the link (link/url) to the information and documents on this website. Any other use, including copying, modifying, republishing, in whole or in part, or transmitting, distributing, licensing, selling or publishing any information and materials is prohibited. permission without the prior written consent of Shinhan Life Vietnam.


The information and materials in this website are all "available" information for reference only.Shinhan Life Vietnam does not warrant the accuracy, suitability or completeness of this information and materials and declares fully disclaims responsibility for errors or omissions in this information and materials.In addition, the information provided on this website is subject to change or update without notice. For this reason, you should visit the website regularly to get the latest updates.

The Shinhan Life Vietnam website may be linked to third party websites, and these website links are intended only to provide links to resources that may be useful to users of the Shinhan Life Vietnam website. Shinhan Life Vietnam is not responsible for the content, products and services of the linked websites, including the accuracy, completeness and reliability of the information on the websites of third parties.

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