Shinhan Life Insurance Company is a member of Shinhan Financial Group, Korea. Established since 1990, Shinhan Life Insurance has grown rapidly and has become one of the leading life insurance companies in the Korean market and is rated "AAA" by Korea Ratings and the Accreditation Agency. Korea Credit Service Information. In July 2021, Shinhan Life and Orange Life merged into Shinhan Life. Shinhan Life's goal is to achieve excellence and become a leader in the life insurance industry in Korea.

Mission, Vision

Mission : SHLV inherits and develops the mission of Shinhan Financial Group: “A Better World through Finance”

Vision : Với tầm nhìn “Nâng cao Chất lượng Cuộc sống thông qua Đổi mới”. Đó là sự kết hợp giữa tư duy dài hạn và lấy khách hàng làm trọng tâm. Nâng cao chất lượng “Cuộc sống – Life” ở đây là nâng cao chất lượng cuộc sống của khách hàng và nâng cao chất lượng của Shinhan Life.


01.1990 - Established Shinhan Life Insurance Corporation

01.1997 - Start selling through Tele-Marketing channel

09.2003 - Bancassurance product launch

12.2005 - Became a subsidiary of Shinhan Financial Group

07.2006 - Launched the first comprehensive Financial service "Tops Club" in the industry

11.2008 - Establishing a new internal insur ance management system

10.2013 - Awarded Excellence Award in the Knowledge category by the Prime Minister (Ministry of Security & Public Administration)

11.2013 - Awarded the Harmonized Human Resource Management Award (Ministry of Labor and Employment)

06.2015 - Established Representative Office in Hanoi, Vietnam

12.2015 - Certificate of Customer-Centered Management awarded by Korea Consumer Agency

02.2019 - OrangeLife becomes a subsidiary of Shinhan Financial Group

05.2019 - Achieved AAA rating for ability to pay insurance for 12 consecutive years

07.2019 - Appeared in the Hall of Fame list of Korea Service Grand Prix

12.2019 - Awarded for Consumer-Centered Management (Korea Consumer Agency) and Presidential Award

02.2020 - Joining UNEP FI PSI (Sustainable Insurance Principles)

06.2020 - Established Shinhan Financial Plus as a wholly owned subsidiary

02.2021 - Established Shinhan Life Vietnam - the first overseas subsidiary

07.2021 - Launched Shinhan Life (merged Shinhan Life (old) and OrangeLife)

The dove and the new leaf in the old CI has been reinterpreted into hopes for a blooming future to better suit the sensibility of the 21st century.

The sphere in the background signifies a globe that implies globalization; the shape in the middle of the globe signifies the path of a financial firm marching towards endless growth In color schemes, the color blue has been used to project a sophisticated and confident sense of trust and scale together with an upgraded gold that symbolizes passion and progress.

The color scheme is intended to render an image of a globalized financial firm challenging the world with vision and confidence.


Towards a Financial Future

Towards a wide and free world and its vision


A blooming future, giving rise to anticipations of abundant fruits


The landmark of financial firm running towards endless growth

Established in Korea since


Present in Vietnam since


Shinhan Life Vietnam officially operates from


Core values

Right – Nimble – Different

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