Life Insurance

Shinhan Life Vietnam

Bringing miracles to life

Be confident in discovering the interesting things of life around you. Let's temporarily put aside worries, sorrows or barriers to the future... because there are life insurance products designed to suit the needs and desires of each individual, ready to contribute to protecting themselves. you and your family.

Shinhan – Credit Care Plus

Bảo hiểm tử kỳ cho người được cấp tín dụng

Shinhan – Credit Care

Accident Term Insurance for Credit grantees

Shinhan – Song Khoe

Flexible Personal Death Insurance product, providing customers with protection benefits in the event of Death

Shinhan - Happy Living

Shinhan - Happy Life is an individual term life insurance product that provides financial protection against unexpected risks of life.

Shinhan - Tín Dụng

Credit Life guarantees the payment of the remaining principal and interest in the event of an unfortunate event, helping you and your family complete your goals and plans with peace of mind.

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