Privacy Policy

The security of customer information is a primary concern at Shinhan Life Vietnam. We handle customer personal data with their permission and utilize it lawfully, fairly, cautiously, and for the appropriate purpose. Shinhan Life Vietnam is committed to consistently executing and abiding by the legal requirements and directives pertaining to the protection of personal data.

Type of processed personal data

Collected information might include:

Information in the form of symbols, letters, numbers, images, sounds or the like on an electronic medium that is associated with a particular person or helps to identify a particular person.

Information derived from an individual's activity that, when combined with other data, stored information can identify a particular person.

Purpose of processing personal data

Shinhan Life Vietnam collects requested or pertinent information for the purposes of consulting, offering goods and services, operating business, or gathering information to better understand customer needs and enhance the quality of products and customer service.

Information about organizations and individuals related to the purpose of processing personal data

Besides Shinhan Life Vietnam, we may share personal data with the following parties:

  • Shinhan Financial Group companies;
  • Business partners, suppliers, contractors;
  • Other third parties to perform Contracts with data subjects or third parties with whom the data subject consents for Shinhan Life Vietnam to share the data subject's data;
  • Organizations and individuals that Shinhan Life Vietnam is required to provide information to in accordance with the law.

Processing Data Duration

From the moment the customer empowers Shinhan Life Vietnam to process their data until it is no longer necessary to fulfill the purposes of data collection or for the duration mandated by law.

Customer's Rights and Obligations

Customers who are personal data subjects are entitled to all applicable legal rights and obligations.

Unexpected consequences may occur

Shinhan Life Vietnam constantly respects privacy and tries to protect the personal data of the data subject according to the guidelines of Vietnamese legislation. We are committed to protecting and carefully controlling how we use and manage personal information, taking precautions to avoid unauthorized access, disclosure, modification, or use of data. However, loss of personal data is possible in some circumstances of force majeure.
Shinhan Life Vietnam disclaims any responsibility for the security of your personal information if you attempt to access linked websites that are not under Shinhan Life Vietnam's control.
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